Net Insight uses cookies and related technologies to improve the way our site functions for visitors. It is up to you whether to accept cookies. If you want to opt out, that is not allowing cookies, all you need to do is change your browser settings.

How does Net Insight use cookies?

At, we use cookies and related technologies from other companies that we work with, who then provide statistics that we can analyze to make our website better and provide our visitors with more of the content they want to see. The cookies from other companies are referred to as third-party cookies.

The third-party cookies on currently come from Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, and cookies are stored in your computer for varying lengths of time. These collect anonymous information including the number of visitors to the website, where the visitors came to the site from, and the pages they visit while they are here.

How to control cookies

You can control how you use cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser. While the specific steps will depend on the browser you are using, most popular browsers allow you to either refuse all cookies, accept them only from trusted sites, or to accept cookies from the websites you are using at any particular time.

In most browsers, you can find these settings under “Options” or “Preferences” or under the tool symbol.

Remember, if you do disable or delete cookies, you will not have access to the full functionality of our website. If you do not change your browser settings, we assume you accept our cookie use and integrity policy.

Net Insight’s Statement on Privacy


All persons whose personal data is processed by the Net Insight group should feel confident that this is performed with the requisite consideration and respect for the individual’s private life and protection of personal data.

Net Insight shall at all times comply with applicable data protection legislations and follow the rules governing the collection and use of personal data which may relate to natural persons.

This statement is aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and relevant legislations.

Principles for processing personal data

The Net Insight group applies the following principles governing the processing of personal data;
  • Personal data may only be processed in a lawful and correct manner in accordance with the provisions of Net Insight’s internal guidelines and rules.
  • Personal data may only be processed for specific, specified purposes. Accordingly, personal data may not be collected or used arbitrarily within the operations.
  • All personal data which is collected must be relevant and it may not be collected for any purpose which is incompatible with the specified purpose.
  • Personal data must be correct and updated. If it is discovered that personal data is erroneous or processed contrary to Net Insight’s internal guidelines and rules, the personal data must be corrected or deleted.
  • Before a person’s personal data is processed, it must be determined when and how this person shall be informed concerning the processing of his/her personal data. Personal data may only be processed where such information has been provided.
  • Personal data may not be saved for longer than is necessary for the intended purpose.
  • Personal data shall be protected in an appropriate manner – an appropriate security level for the personal data shall be maintained at all times and personal data shall only be available and used by authorized persons within the Net Insight group who require the information to perform their work duties.
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