Net Insight wins order for broadband network for video and Internet in Stockholm's archipelago

The expansion of the network is mainly done to provide the larger islands in Stockholm’s archipelago with capacity for high-quality video services, data transfer with guaranteed bandwidth and Internet.

We have identified a well-defined need for video transport and high-quality video conferencing. There is today a demand from both private companies and authorities that need to shorten the distances to optimize their operation, says Nils Sundman, founder of Nilings.

– Nilings’ choice of Net Insight’s platform shows that we are timely in our introduction of new technology. It is also interesting to see that the urban areas not are the first to implement the latest development. Rural residents and companies are those who actually benefit from video communication the most, says Tomas Duffy, CEO, Net Insight.

Owning its own network and with leased dark fiber from Stokab, Nilings function as a carrier for independent operators and service providers who want to reach the archipelago outside of Stockholm. When more fibers are laid out, Nilings have plans for further expansion of the network.

We believe in increased demand for capacity for video, data and telephony in the near future, and we will continue to expand the network to other islands in Stockholm’s archipelago. We also look into the possibility of using the network for cable TV transport, Nils Sundman concludes.

For more information, please contact:
Tomas Duffy, CEO, Net Insight AB.
Phone: +46 8 685 04 00, e-mail: tomas.duffy@netinsight.net
Nils Sundman, founder, Nilings.
Phone: +46 8 666 32 06, e-mail: nils.sundman@guardianit.se