ETSI standardizes Ethernet over DTM

"The approval of an Ethernet transport service is probably the most important part in the entire standardization of DTM, as Ethernet is the dominant interface for IP", says Christer Bohm, CTO at Net Insight.

The Ethernet over DTM standard, by ETSI named ES 201 803-7, specifies how the DTM protocol transports Ethernet traffic, such as IP, in a DTM multi-service network environment. The connection-oriented DTM improves Ethernet characteristics as it provides an underlying transport layer that is able to guarantee the quality of service.

"The standardization can speed up the deployment of network solutions for real-time IP applications, as DTM is able to heal the shortcomings of Ethernet transport. Operators can add guaranteed quality of service in existing networks without adding to the cost", continues Christer Bohm.

The DTM specification for Ethernet transport enables multiple vendors to integrate their products with DTM systems. For example, xDSL equipment with Ethernet interface can be connected directly to a DTM backbone.

A DTM network provides transport for all services in dynamic circuit-switched logical channels. Services such as high-quality IP video, online gaming and IP telephony can thereby be delivered over standard Ethernet interface with a minimum of delay and without interruptions.

The standardization was initiated by Net Insight in the winter of 1998/99, and the framework of the standard was approved on the 16th of March 2001. Among the active members in the ETSI workgroup for DTM that supports the process are VLT, BAE Systems and Allied Telesis.

The establishment of a DTM standard is an on-going process. During the coming year additional parts are expected to be approved; the specification of DTM core signaling, video transport and specifications for physical interfaces for DTM over SDH, featuring speeds up to 40 Gbps.

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