Net Insight Introduces Carrier-Class Switch for Metro Aggregation with 2.5 Gbps Interfaces for OC-48/STM-16

IBC 2001, Amsterdam, September 14th - Net Insight (SX: NETI B), a leading provider of real-time broadband infrastructure technology, expands its product portfolio with Nimbra 291, a multi-service switch for real-time intensive traffic aggregation and long haul transporting between metro networks.

The Nimbra 291 addresses operators who want to add scalability and dynamic fiber utilization to existing SONET/SDH transport links. First units are shipped to customers in USA and Europe.

Net Insight's switches combine the real-time capabilities of circuit switching with the dynamic resource management of packet switching technology. The Nimbra 291 provides a multi-service platform for interconnection with DWDM fiber backbones, and thus, allowing new services and significantly improving both capacity utilization and scalability all the way down to the access network.

With the 2.5 Gbps SONET/SDH interface, the Nimbra 291 can optimize OC-48 or STM-16 links by integrating a multi-service DTM transport layer (Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode). This brings dynamic bandwidth and service provisioning to static SONET/SDH point-to-point core backbones. With Nimbra 291, operators can avoid the costly and inefficient forklift upgrading characteristics of SONET/SDH infrastructure. By dividing the OC-48 or STM-16 capacity into increments of 512 Kbps, it offers linear scalability for optimized and cost-efficient growth.

The Nimbra 291 constitutes a cornerstone in any network dedicated to the transport of rich streaming media. It has capacity to switch multiple 270 Mbps streams of uncompressed SDI video (Serial Digital Interface) and any quality of compressed video over IP/Ethernet or ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface). In real-time with maintained 100 percent QoS, together with best effort data and telephony.

At IBC 2001, the Nimbra 291 performs in a live demonstration of media networking services. As an integrated part of Carrier1's ProStream media network, the Nimbra 291 is used for distribution of video and data in a multi-node switched network, connecting Amsterdam and Munich.

"The Nimbra 291 is developed to meet two significant needs. Firstly, the need for a solution that delivers any type of streaming media with 100 percent Quality of Service in large networks. Secondly, the need for a platform that integrates with existing equipment, improving its performance for maximum return of investment", says Bengt J. Olsson, VP Product Management, Net Insight.

Nimbra 291 is Net Insight's second network switch based on the Twintin ASIC, an 8 Gbps single-chip broadband switch core.

Among Nimbra 291's key features are:
- Guaranteed QoS, traffic separation to guarantee an undisturbed path through the network. No buffering, no packet loss and very low and consistent latency.
- Strictly non-blocking with an 8 Gbps switch matrix.
- Support for broadcasting and multicasting.
- One OC-48/STM-16 2,5 Gbps DTM port for interconnection with DWDM and Transport Networks.
- Possible to provision up to eight (8) 270 Mbps SDI video signals over one OC-48 link.
- Five DTM ports, providing backbone aggregation of DTM links.
- Dynamic bandwidth provisioning, bandwidth can be configured by operators "on-the-fly" without service interruption, software upgrading or new hardware installations.
- Redundancy, dual power supplies to ensure safe and secure operation and high availability. Support for dual ring topology, ensuring full DTM channel protection.
- Simple management through wide ranging management and configuration features including SNMP, CLI, Web-based interface and Nimbra Vision graphic management software.

High-resolution pictures of the Nimbra 291 can be downloaded from http://www.netinsight.net/pressroom.asp