Net Insight delivers media network platform to Tele2

The order is the first in accordance with the previously signed skeleton agreement, approving Net Insight as a Tele2 certified vendor.

"Tele2's focus on the TV and media industry proves that our technology is viable both technically and commercially. It is also satisfying to see that Sweden holds a leading position in the front-line of development. Tele2 constitutes a significant reference case as we approach the international market," says Bengt Olsson, CEO, Net Insight.

Briefly about media networks
With Net Insight's platform Nimbra, it is possible to send data and video signals over fiber-optic networks. Video can be transferred either as compressed IP traffic or as uncompressed 270 Mbps video signal. This way, film and TV production companies can digitize their production process, all the way from camera to the point of distribution. The technology reserves the needed bandwidth all the way through the network, making it possible to guarantee 100 percent Quality of Service even for real-time traffic.