Net Insight EGM approves new share issue

The board's proposals consisted of, firstly, a share issue of a maximum of 16,205,261 new B-shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders, and, secondly, the issue of a promissory note for a maximum of 8,102,631 separable options for subscription to B-shares.

The criteria for the share issue are as follows: every whole number of five existing shares, regardless of share type, entitle the holder to subscribe to two new B-shares, at SEK 10 per new share. The record day for determining which shareholders are entitled to participate in this share issue is 1June 2001. Shares may be purchased between 7 June and 21 June 2001 inclusive.

Shareholders who utilize the right to subscribe to new B-shares in the share issue will receive, via a wholly-owned subsidiary of Net Insight AB, a further share option for every two B-shares subscribed to.

If the share issue is not fully subscribed, the shares will be distributed between the members of the consortium of investors that guaranteed the new share issue up to the maximum amount.