Net Insight delivers media platform to Telia’s network company Skanova

This activity is a stage in a development project in which Skanova is investigating the technical feasibility of having a fibre-optic network for the media industry - a network in which TV and production companies will be able to distribute, archive and trade moving-picture material online.

“This agreement confirms Net Insight’s leading-edge skills in terms of real-time video across fibre networks,” says Bengt Olsson, CEO of Net Insight AB. “A lot of money can be saved in TV production. Currently, distribution of visual material is carried out via expensive satellite links or by sending video cassettes by mail or courier. It’s a logistics solution that requires major resources in terms of both time and money.”

Net Insight’s communication platform, based on DTM (Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode), is able to transmit uncompressed studio-quality video in real time across a fibre-optic network. This requires a guaranteed capacity of 270 Mbps between sender and receiver all the way through the nodes of the network.

“We firmly believe in real-time services for media actors across fibre-optic networks,” says Lars Forsström, Director, Innovation within Skanova. “Distribution of video streams through fibre opens up a whole range of new possibilities. We are currently investigating the criteria for having digital picture archives and the distribution of TV material in the Skanova network. Net Insight’s platform allows us to have ‘no-nonsense’ operations right from the start.”

Net Insight’s platform, based on the Nimbra One network switch, can send and receive four 270 Mbps ITU-R BT 601/656 video streams via SDI video and IP/data interfaces. It is also feasible to send a number of smaller MPEG streams of up to 100 Mbps and data traffic across 10/100 Ethernet.