Tele2 announces new "FATBAND" customer - Swedish Broadcasting company TV4

Tele 2 and TV4 has signed an agreement july 10 regarding communication services for streaming studio quality video over optical network (CCIR-601/D-1), a service sometimes referred to as "fatband". The agreement also covers high speed and quality IP services between the sites. Initial deployment is two sites.

Tele2's national "Fatband" service includes 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and 270 Mbps CCIR-601/D1 based on an optical fibre network with superior performance and 100% QoS (Quality of Service). The services are based on Net Insights real-time networking technology DTM.

"This is a first step in our focus on enabling real-time services for service providers, says Mr Bengt Olsson, CEO of Net Insight. "Tele2 is perhaps the most advanced of the national Service Providers in Sweden today, and have an extensive broadband network which makes them very suitable for this type of offering" Mr Olsson continues.

"This type of service offering requires a technology with unique characteristics warranting the real-time quality of the video stream. We have found Net Insights technology capable of doing this" says Mr Per-Ivan Selinder, Director Program Management, Tele2