SAN JOSE, Calif. and Stockholm, Sweden – July 26, 2000 – Tality Corporation, a global provider of engineering services and intellectual property for the design of complex electronic systems and integrated circuits, and Net Insight AB, the world's leading Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) provider, announced today that Tality is now the authorized design center for Net Insight's Twintin ASIC device. Twintin is a complete real-time multiservice switching architecture. As the authorized design center, Tality will provide electronics design services to network equipment suppliers, throughout the world, that want to incorporate the SONET-enhancing DTM technology and Net Insight’s Twintin switching ASIC into their products.

"Tality's design expertise has helped us achieve several successes in our own product development, including the recent completion of the SONET access card for our multi-service platform, Nimbra One," said Bengt Olsson, Net Insight CEO. "Through our new alliance with Tality, Twintin customers around the world can obtain the required design assistance for their products. This will help accelerate market penetration for our multi-service technology and Twintin ASIC."

"We are pleased that Net Insight has selected us as the official design center for their Twintin customers," said Al Strelzoff, vice president and general manager of the Datacom/Telecom Design Group at Tality. “We have worked closely with them for a long time. Our expertise in Net Insight’s technology gives us the ability to design DTM into a standard fibre or copper access-line interface for just about any type of access system."

The companies also announced that, with this alliance, Net Insight has joined the Tality SureLink Program. SureLink enables providers in the electronic system and IC supply chains to integrate their offerings with those of Tality, collectively providing superior solutions to mutual customers.

Net Insight and Tality will continue to work on a number of Net Insight’s own products that will maintain and build Net Insight’s position as a leader in real-time networking. These include the development of MSPP with real-time characteristics, including a series of line cards, that will communicate over optical networks based on standard technologies such as IP and SONET.

DTM and Net Insight’s Twintin Chip
DTM is a network protocol for high-speed integrated telecom and datacom products. As a SONET enhancement technology, it permits the integration of voice, data and streaming-video traffic into a single network – and can reduce bottlenecks, delays and reliability problems currently associated with an IP network. DTM combines the guaranteed throughput, channel isolation, and inherent Quality of Service found in SONET with the flexibility found in packet-based networks, such as ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. Net Insight’s Twintin device integrates full DTM switch functionality on a single 8Gbps cascadable eight-port chip ASIC. The company licenses Twintin to OEM network equipment suppliers worldwide to enable networking vendors to deploy solutions ready for real-time services over optical networks.

About Net Insight
Net Insight develops and markets network equipment for fiber-optic broadband networks. Net Insights solutions allow operators to offer advanced real-time services such as studio quality video and interactive Internet along with traditional telephony and data services. These services are provided over one single infrastructure in a simple and cost efficient manner. Net Insight employs around 120 people in Sweden and the US. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For additional information, please visit www.netinsight.net.

About Tality
Tality, formerly the Electronics Design Services group of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., will soon be launched as a separate company. With more than 1000 engineers located in 14 design sites worldwide, the organization is the world’s largest independent provider of engineering services and intellectual property for the design of complex electronic systems and integrated circuits. The Company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

About Tality's SureLink Partners
Participants in the SureLink program encompass IC library, IP and manufacturing services providers, and system component and contract manufacturers. SureLink is the broadest and deepest program of its type in the design-services industry. Further information about the members of the Tality SureLink program can be found on the World Wide Web at the following locations:

Analog Devices, Inc http://www.analog.com/
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. http://www.aseus.com/
ARM Ltd. http://www.arm.com/
Artisan Components, Inc. http://www.artisan.com/
BOPS, Inc. http://www.bops.com/
Bull Electronics http://www.electronics.bull.com/
Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing http://www.charteredsemi.com/
DSP Group http://www.dspg.com/
Insight Electronics LLC http://www.insight-electronics.com/
inSilicon Corp. http://www.in-silicon.com/
Microcosm Technologies, Inc. http://www.memcad.com/
Microsoft Corporation http://www.microsoft.com/
Microware Systems Corporation http://www.microware.com/
Net Insight AB http://www.netinsight.net/
NurLogic Design Inc. http://www.nurlogic.com/
Pivotal Technologies Corp. http://www.pivotaltech.com/
Plexus Electronic Assembly http://www.plexus.com/
Sun Microelectronics http://www.sun.com/microelectronics/
Sun Microsystems Inc. http://www.sun.com/
Tao Group http://www.tao-group.com/
Taiwan Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company http://www.tsmc.com/
United Microelectronics Corp. http://www.umc.com/
Uniden Corporation http://www.uniden.com/
Virage Logic Corporation http://www.viragelogic.com/
Virtual Silicon Technology, Inc. http://www.virtual-silicon.com/
Wind River Systems, Inc. http://www.windriver.com/
Wyle Electronics http://www.wyle.com/