Innovation from Net Insight opens up new potential for production of TV and video

At a demonstration today for representatives of companies in the industry and the media, Net Insight presented its new video solution, which, with its 270 Mbps capacity, will create enormous potential for improved quality and reduced production costs for the global TV and video industry.

"With our new video solution, you will be able to shorten your lead times yet maintain the same level of quality throughout the production cycle," says Peter Sergel, product manager at Net Insight. "Currently, editing is most often carried out on-site, after which the material is either taped or compressed prior to transmission. Both approaches mean additional costs and loss of quality."

Broadband traffic of the future, including that on the Internet, will consist for the most part of moving pictures. Through its innovative video solution, Net Insight shows that DTM technology is the optimal way of transporting the enormous volumes of realtime-critical information that interactive video communication entails.

Net Insight's video solution can send and switch several digital 270 Mbps TV streams concurrently with the transmission of telephony and ordinary data. Network operators that employ this solution will be able to offer their customers an all-round solution for both production and communication at appreciably reduced costs.