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Corporate Governance

Net Insight AB (publ) is a public limited company with its registered office in Stockholm, Sweden. Net Insight’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The basis for governance of the company and group includes its Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act and Nasdaq Stockholm’s regulations for issuers, including the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, applicable from 1 December, 2016 as well as internal regulations and policies.

Corporate Governance Reports

Information about the Board, the nomination committee, the remuneration committee, audit process and auditors and internal control regarding financial reporting can be found in the Corporate Governance Report.

Corporate Governance report 2019

Corporate Governance report 2018

Corporate Governance Report 2017

Corporate Governance Report 2016

Corporate Governance Report 2015

Corporate Governance Report 2014

Corporate Governance Report 2013

Corporate Governance Report 2012

Corporate Governance Report 2011

Corporate Governance Report 2010

Annual General Meetings

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Board and Management

Presentation of the Board of Directors
and the Management team.


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Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for submitting nominations for the Chairman and other members of the Board, as well as fees and other compensation to each member for their Board duties.

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At the Annual General Meeting 2021, Deloitte AB was re-elected as the company’s auditor with Therese Kjellberg as auditor in charge.

Incentive programs

The Board of Directors considers that effective remuneration structures, compensation levels and incentive programs are critical for recruiting, motivating and retaining qualified employees, which is in turn a pre-requisite for Net Insight achieving its business targets.

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Articles of Association

The current Articles of Association were adopted at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 8, 2018. The Articles of Association are available in their entirety below.

Articles of Association

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