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About Net Insight

From_lens_to_screen_no_headlineBusiness concept

Net Insight delivers products, software and services for effective, high-quality streaming and media transport coupled with effective resource management, all, which creates an enhanced TV experience.

Business model

Revenues are generated through direct and indirect sales of hardware, software and services.


Net Insight’s customer base consists of broadcasters and production companies, telecom, satellite, DTT, cable TV and IPTV operators. The highest sales share is sourced from network capacity service providers.
Net Insight has over 500 customers in more than 60 countries.

Customer cases

Strategy for growth

Net Insight has a clear growth strategy based on being the front  runner and thought leader in the global media industry. We develop innovative and cutting-edge products based on an understanding of our customers’ businesses and needs. We’re forward-looking experts in media and a true partner to our customers.


Our vision

Our vision is to enable a live and interactive media experience for anyone on earth. We want to lead progress and enable a global media marketplace where people can exchange content and interact with each other in real time. We want to create the media experience of the future, centered on content.

Our ambition

Net Insight’s world-leading technology creates new TV market solutions that benefit producers and viewers alike. This generates new revenue streams on a market undergoing extensive transformation, with old consumption patterns being replaced by new behaviors. Our offering enables us to be a true partner to our customers, and our ambition is to become the market leader based on the new technology.

Our primary goal

Net Insight has a clear growth strategy based on four clearly defined areas. Growth is driven by increasing the company’s presence on select key markets, being the market leader in live OTT, enhancing its offering by strengthening the link between infrastructure and services, and by completing complementary acquisitions.

Position Net Insight as a partner for total TV solutions from the camera lens to the TV viewer’s device, “glass-to-glass”, based on our three product lines – Nimbra, ScheduALL and Sye.

Overall targets

  • To outgrow the market with good profitability
  • To generate return on equity and earnings per share that make Net Insight an attractive investment
  • To be perceived as a leading media company driving the next generation of TV and video

Value drivers

Value drivers affect Net Insight’s progress and can be divided into three groups: market transformation, innovative technology and global reach.

Business model

Long-term growth on a market undergoing transformation

In 2016, we extended our solutions portfolio further with the launch of Sye for live OTT. We’re now attracting an even broader customer base. Net Insight’s business model makes the partnership with our customers explicit, which helps customers to improve their offerings to end consumers. This results in real business advantages.

Our customers’ purchasing patterns are structured as follows: Nimbra customers frequently expand their networks across multiple locations, starting with a limited number of locations which are gradually extended to include other regions, coun- tries or continents. As customers launch new media services in their networks, more equipment is needed to support services such as 4K Ultra HD, compression or audio. We offer the following pricing structures: “pay-as-you-grow”, which facilitates first-time purchases, and “software as a service” which means that customers purchase a subscription.

We receive revenue from hardware, software licenses, support and consulting services. Support revenues take the form of regularly recurring quarterly or annual income streams.

ScheduALL customers implement the system in the form of several modules which can be extended to include functionality in new modules, or connect more users. We re- ceive income from software licenses, support and consulting services, with support services generating regularly recurring quarterly or annual income streams.

For live OTT, the business model focuses more on capacity utilization. The more video content TV viewers stream through our solution, the more revenue is generated. We receive income streams from software licenses, installations and integration services. Repeat income streams are based on media streams or users.



Our offering

Enhanced viewer experience and streamlining customers’ media business Efficient TV production from camera to studio and beyond creates interactive viewing experiences

Net Insight creates value by increasing productivity and generating new revenue streams through innovative business models.

Nimbra optimizes transmission quality

The Nimbra product line is a hard and software-based plat- form for the transmission of professional media content.

Nimbra is available in a range of series where each product type has been adapted to optimize high quality media trans- port over different kinds of infrastructure. Customers are large- ly telecom operators and specialized media network operators.

Nimbra provides network owners with very competitive infrastructure for robust, fast and high quality transmission of media content. The platform enables easy service provision- ing, service and fault handling, which provides a low total cost of operation and ownership of media networks. Nimbra’s unique service separation, which means that media services operate independently of each other, makes Nimbra suitable for automation and transport of multiple video flows, e.g. in centralized production.

During the year, Nimbra has become more software- based in alignment with Software Defined Networking (SDN), which makes media networks more agile and  flexible in order to support the media industry’s increasing virtualization and customer provisioned networks.

During the year, we also launched a new series,  Nimbra Media Gateway, for live video in a multi-provider environment.

ScheduALL offers efficient service orchestration and automated resource management

ScheduALL is a planning tool for automated scheduling, management, planning and booking of all types of resources required for production and distribution of TV content, such as network capacity, studios, cameras, producers etc.

The offering is aimed at content owners, TV companies, production companies and service providers of media who ScheduALL helps access resources regardless of studio location, contributing to more efficient utilization of resources.

Intelligent scheduling improves the efficiency of re-  source utilization for TV production, while network capacity can be booked in a web portal. ScheduALL increases operational productivity and improves project control, particularly in terms of cost. This means that ScheduALL’s users are provided with new ways of producing TV where more content can be created at reduced cost.

Combined with Nimbra, ScheduALL gives network operators a powerful tool for automated and efficient service orchestration, while also gaining full control over transmission capacity.

Sye is a game-changing TV solution that creates new revenue streams

Net Insight launched Sye in April 2016. Sye is the first and, to date, only solution in the world for live TV content distrib- uted over the internet (live OTT) that can be synchronized with satellite or terrestrial TV and with minimal delay. Sye is aimed at content and service providers who want to offer TV consumers impactful and interactive TV experiences.

Sye enables users to complement their regular TV con- tent with enriching content on other screens. The content is synchronized across the different screens, which provides viewers with a complete experience, making Sye unique.

The Sye solution implies significant potential to create the next generation TV experience, as it provides opportunities for interaction in social media, betting, live chat and other time-sensitive applications in real time. This means that TV viewing can become a more social activity once more.

Sye is a software-based solution that can be installed on regular servers or virtually in cloud-based services. The pricing model is based on user numbers and data traffic volumes.

The offering is mainly aimed at two customer groups: Cable TV/IPTV operators and CDN operators. Cable TV/IPTV operators can create a uniform viewing experience regard- less of platform, providing the opportunity to enter the value chain for advertising, while CDN operators are able to offer a new premium live OTT service to content owners, who can in turn create more impactful viewing experiences and increase viewer numbers. CDN operators offer services to TV com- panies, content providers and betting companies, who then use Sye’s advantages to create better and more engaging experiences for their users.
Synchronized content also opens up the possibility of advertising, where OTT screens can complement or extend advertising on primary screens.

Our Solutions


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