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About Net Insight

From_lens_to_screen_no_headlineBusiness concept

Net Insight delivers products, software and services for effective, high-quality streaming and media transport coupled with effective resource management, all, which creates an enhanced TV experience.

Business model

Revenues are generated through direct and indirect sales of hardware, software and services.


Net Insight’s customer base consists of mainly broadcasters, service providers and production companies. Net Insight has over 500 customers in more than 60 countries.


Customer cases

Strategic progress from innovation to market

Net Insight’s strategic initiatives create innovative and cost-efficient solutions for companies in the media industry ecosystem. The objective is to shape the media industry of the future and to always be a true partner to its customers.


Our vision

To enable live and interactive media experiences for all people.

Our ambition

Net Insight’s world-leading technology creates new TV market solutions that benefit producers and viewers alike. This generates new revenue streams on a market undergoing extensive transformation, with old consumption patterns being replaced by new behaviors. Our offering enables us to be a true partner to our customers, and our ambition is to become the market leader based on the new technology.

Our primary goal

Net Insight has a clear growth strategy based on four clearly defined areas. Growth is driven by increasing the company’s presence on select key markets, being the market leader in live OTT, enhancing its offering by strengthening the link between infrastructure and services, and by completing complementary acquisitions.

Position Net Insight as a partner for total TV solutions from the camera lens to the TV viewer’s device, “glass-to-glass”, based on our three product lines – Nimbra, ScheduALL and Sye.

Value drivers

Value drivers affect Net Insight’s progress and can be divided into three groups: market transformation, innovative technology and global reach.

Overall targets


Business model

Flexible business model generates long-term revenue

Net Insight is active on a global market, selling software and hardware, and support and consulting services to the professional media industry. Sales are both direct to customers and indirect through partners.

Net Insight’s solutions for media transport and live OTT, Nimbra and Sye, are mainly sold to operators who create a service based on these solutions that is then sold on to media companies. Net
Insight’s resource planning solution ScheduALL is mainly sold directly to broadcasters.


Nimbra customers frequently extend their networks in several steps. Customers start with a limited number of locations, and gradually extend the network to include other regions, countries or by establishing a presence on new markets.
As customers launch new media services in their networks,more equipment is needed to support technologies such as 4K Ultra HD, compression or audio. Net Insight also offers pay-as-you-grow pricing models to facilitate first time purchases, and software as a service, which means that customers sign up for a subscription service.
Net Insight generates revenue from sales of hardware, software licenses support and consulting services. Support revenue takes the form of reccuring quarterly or annual income.


ScheduALL customers implement the system with help of Net Insight’s professional services, The ScheduALL system consist of modules that can be extended with new functionality or by connecting more users to the system. Net Insight’s revenues are derived from sales of software licenses, support and consulting services, where support is provided for one or three years.


For Sye, Net Insight has developed a business model with a software license paid monthly. Revenues largely depend on the volume of video content streamed through the platform. Net Insight also charges for additional services, such as integrating targeted advertising in video streams, or enabling
replays or pausing the stream from a server. Net Insight also charges for implementation services and support.
Sye is typically sold to CDN operators who create a streaming service on behalf of major broadcasters and content owners. Net Insight also offers Sye as a service through the platforms of major cloud operators, which suits small and medium-sized customers as they get quick access to a complete solution.


Our offering

Net Insight’s solutions streamline production of live TV for an interactive viewer experience

Net Insight creates value by offering efficient media transport solutions for live production, resource management and streaming. This generates profitability for service providers, content owners and network owners through new business models and smart workflows.

Nimbra offers high-quality media transport

The Nimbra product line is a hard and software-based platform for the transmission of professional video, audio and data in media networks.
Nimbra provides network owners with a very competitive and high-quality platform with easy service provisioning, service and fault handling, which provides a low total cost of operation and ownership of media networks. Nimbra’s unique media service separation makes Nimbra suitable for automation and transport of multiple parallel video, sound and data flows.

The Nimbra platform has become more software-based in alignment with Software Defined Networking (SDN), which makes media networks more flexible and reliable in order to support the media industry’s increasing virtualization andcustomer provisioned networks.

Interest in remote production increased in 2017. Net Insight’s solution means that content recorded at live events can be compressed and sent directly to the studio for processing and broadcasting. This saves time and resources that can be used to create more TV content.

In February 2018, Net Insight launched Nimbra 1060. This is the first product built on the next generation Nimbra technology, and has been developed with the aim of meeting the changing
needs and requirements of media transport. These needs relate to increased capacity requirements driven by production and consumption of new and improved TV experiences, and a technology shift towards IP-based production and IP-based workflows by broadcasters.

ScheduALL offers efficient service orchestration and automated resource management

ScheduALL is a software-based planning tool for automated scheduling, management, planning and booking of all types of resources required for production and distribution of TV content, such as network capacity, satellite links, studios, cameras and producers.

Intelligent scheduling improves the efficiency of resource utilization for TV production, while network capacity can be booked in a web portal. ScheduALL increases operational productivity and improves project control, particularly in terms of cost. This means that ScheduALL’s users are provided with new ways of producing TV where more content can be created at reduced cost.

Combined with Nimbra, ScheduALL gives network operators a powerful tool for automated and efficient service orchestration, which means that more services can be integrated and more processes automated, while users also gain complete control of transmission capacity.

In 2017, Net Insight launched Connector Marketplace, a cloud-based market place where operators can exchange media services with full financial visibility.

Sye offers exciting and interactive viewer experiences for live content and creates new revenue streams

Net Insight’s solution Sye enables streaming of live TV content over the internet with high quality and the same or reduced latency as traditional TV. Sye is the first and, to date, only OTT solution in the world that can be synchronized with regular TV content, thereby creating new TV experiences across multiple platforms.

Sye creates a live OTT service where viewers can see content before those watching traditional TV. This is a very promising area for fields such as betting and content that offers interactivity with viewers, but also for content owners who want to offer their services ahead of their competitors.

Sye’s unique synchronization also enables expanded content on mobile screens in parallel with traditional TV broadcasts.This creates an entirely new viewer experience, where a second mobile screen can be used to create more exciting and personal viewer experiences. On the secondary screen, viewers can follow their favorite soccer players, for example, or select different camera angles and replays, as well as more statistics and information about the event and participants.

In 2017, Net Insight announced a collaboration with Ericsson that will integrate Sye in Ericsson’s UDN offering to create improved, high-efficiency and global content distribution services. Tata Communications completed the integration of Sye in its Media Eco-system during this year, and now offers live OTT services using Sye to its customers through the Ultra Live VDN solution. In 2017, Net Insight established partnerships with major cloud operators Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to offer Sye streaming as a cloud-based service.

Sye is also available as a complete cloud-based service, Sye Streaming Service, to small and medium-sized TV companies and content providers.

Net Insight’s offering speeds up new media service launches

More than a third of Net Insight’s revenue comes from the company’s service offering, which ranges from support to advanced services. These include implementing systems for customers, assistance with upgrades and optimizing services for existing customers. Net Insight also provides training, in house or at the customer’s premises. Net Insight’s employees have extensive sector and product expertise, and help customers to choose the right solutions for their specific needs, and improve and streamline infrastructure, production flows and service content.

Our Solutions


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