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About Net Insight

Business concept

With its deep market knowledge and insight, genuine customer focus and world-leading innovative technology, Net Insight makes it easier to create and deliver better content in a simpler and more effective way.

With the two business areas Media Networks and Resource Optimization, Net Insight offers solutions that enable network operators and media companies the benefit of lower costs and the potential for effective new media service launches. Revenues are generated through sales of hardware and software solutions and services.

Business model

Revenues are generated through direct and indirect sales of hardware, software and services.


Net Insight’s customer base consists of mainly broadcasters, service providers and production companies. Net Insight has over 500 customers in more than 70 countries.

Customer promise

Net Insight offers reliable, innovative and future-proof solutions to the media industry. We work closely with our customers to provide solutions for better media experiences. We’re driven by the idea that everything can always be done smarter, for both our customers and their customers.

Customer cases


Net Insight aims to make it easy for market operators to fully capitalize on the upsides and advantages that arise from technological progress. A flexible solutions portfolio allows customers to adapt and optimize their transport solutions in any given situation, all to be able to produce and transport more and better content, with fewer resources.

Strategic focuses

Strengthen product offering and develop business models
  • Accelerate product development
  • Add new functionality and introduce new IP-based technology such as ST2110/2022, RIST and new compression techniques
  • Add Internet/cloud-based support to existing products
  • Continue to drive towards an open solution portfolio, including further development of the cloud solution Nimbra Edge
  • Develop more flexible and volume-based business models
Drive growth in internet/cloud transport
  • Grow with existing and new customers
Grow with existing customers in the service provider segment
  • Capitalize on improved product offering, newfunctionality and products (e.g. Nimbra Edge) to drive growth
  • Take advantage of the broader and stronger product portfolio following the acquisition of Aperi’s products
Establish new version of ScheduALL on the market
  • Successfully launch the new version and drive new revenue streams
Improved sales and marketing
  • Strategic partnerships with companies that complement Net Insight’s offering and increase reach
  • Improved sales and marketing strategies
  • Evaluate and drive growth in new market segments, for example solutions to enterprise customers
  • Increase market awareness of Net Insight and continue to increase brand recognition among relevant decision makers

Our vision

Better media experiences for everyone, everywhere, everytime

Value drivers

Value drivers affect Net Insight’s progress and can be divided into three groups: market transformation, innovative technology and global reach.

Business model


A Nimbra customer frequently extends its media network in several steps. Customers start with a limited number of locations, and gradually extend the network to include other regions and countries or by establishing a presence on new markets. As customers launch new media services in their networks, more equipment is needed as support.

These services are offered as software licenses for an installed base or as new hardware. Net Insight generates revenue from sales of hardware, software licenses support and consulting services. The share of revenue from software licenses and support compared to hardware sales has increased significantly in recent years.

Nimbra Edge has a different business model where the customer makes monthly payments based on use, what is known as a pay-per-usage model. This business model closely reflects our customers’ changing situation and will generate repetitive income streams for Net Insight.


Customers implement the ScheduALL solution with the help of Net Insight’s support and professional services.

The ScheduALL platform consists of business-critical modules that can be extended with new functionality or by connecting more users to the system. The ScheduALL platform also provides business intelligence services that utilize advanced data analysis of data from ScheduALL and third-party systems.

Net Insight’s revenues are derived from sales and subscription of software licenses, fees for cloud-based services, support and consulting services.

Our offering


Nimbra for high quality live media transport

The Nimbra product line is aimed at network owners and media companies and provides a very competitive network solution for robust, efficient and high-quality processing and transport of media content. This creates the right conditions for improved and more efficient production and distribution of media content, which contributes to a better live TV viewing experience.


Intelligent resource management reduces cost and increases efficiency

ScheduALL offers a leading solution for resource optimization in the media industry. ScheduALL’s intelligent scheduling and effective resource management enables Net Insight’s prestigious customers to produce better and more cost-efficient media content.

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