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Net Insight is an innovator in the TV technology of tomorrow.
Our offering stretches from the TV camera lens to the studio, right through to the TV viewer. The result is an improved viewing experience and cost-efficient complete solutions for our customers.

Net Insight delivers products, software and services for effective, high-quality streaming and media transport coupled with effective resource management. We have 500 customers around the world and our customer portfolio includes network operators, TV and production companies.
The Net Insight share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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CEO Statement First quarter 2018

2018 started with several highlights, even if market conditions remained cautious. The global media industry is undergoing a major realignment, both in terms of equipment and media networks. Customers need to continue to increase capacity to be able to produce relevant content and meet changing viewing patterns. One example of this rapid progress is the roll-out of 4K video, which increases the demands on quality and flexibility. Other examples include OTT, 360° video and virtual reality, as well as new services to viewers using multiple screens simultaneously.

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Q1 Interim report audiocast

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